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PDF files are more and more common and we usually receive files formatted as PDF sent by our friends, we need them to print documents with no format problems... but we have problems with them if we try to export some data in it or if we want to copy text and paste in other documents if we don't have the proper tools.

Advance PDF to TEXT converter is one of the programs that can help us when trying to work with PDF files, specially if we need to convert PDF to TXT. It's a very simple but effective program. Its interface doesn't feature lots of options, you only can add files to conversion list and convert them.

The process is very easy. You add the files you want to convert to TXT (it supports batch file conversion) and you can choose the way you'll have it converted (unicode text, plain text, formatted text and formatted unicode text) Remember you can perform a batch conversion even if each file needs a different type of conversion. Then press the button Convert and wait for a few seconds. It's very fast and the results are good.

If you need to export PDF files to TXT this simple and effective tool can be a very good choice..
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